DIMELCO was founded in 1997. During this time we have had a continuous growth that has positioned us as leader in desing and manufacturing of electrical and electronic systems, mainly for the  railways market as well as energy, telecommunications, industrial controls and enviromental management.

We specialize in providing global and innovated solutions to each one of our customers.Our quality level and service are our strengths.We focus our efforts to get a flexible, quick and efficient answer to the customer needs.

The most important success factor is to generate new technologies processes and management philosophies in order to improve our competitiveness.


To be a leading company in the global market offering customized solutions to the customers, come defined by capacity in innovation, for its technology and the added value of its products and services.


To be a innovated supplier in products and services that is capable of design and manufacturing electrical and electronic systems with implanting in new segments and markets.

Principles and Values

  • Innovation
    Developing new values through solution that meet new requirements, different solutions that allow growth supported on leadership and excellence of our performance.
  • Customer focus
    The organization depends on our customers, understanding current and future customer needs, to meet customer requirements and try to exceed their expectations.
  • Continual improvement
    One of the permanent quality objectives of our organization is the continual improvement of our performance.


We are aimed to the quality, using the resources and deadlines in an efficient manner to make products and services.


Quality management system in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 standard


System of Quality Management according of the standard IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard)

Quality medical sector in accordance with the ISO 13485

Certification UL